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in de traditie van Thich Nhat Hanh

The Smile


uitvoering: zr. Chan Khong

The smile

Je souris à l’étoile qui au ciel encore luit,
Au soleil qui lentement nous sort de la nuit,
À ce jour qui commence,
À l'oiseau qui m’enchante,
Je souris au monde et le monde me sourit.

I smile to the star that still shines in the sky,
To the sun that slowly guides us out of the night,
To the day that begins,
To the enchanting bird,
I smile to the world and the world smiles to me.

I smile to the child that crosses my way,
I remember also all those who are hungry.
Those who live in misery all over the planet,
Who have to face the war, who lost their mother.

If sometime my smile is moistened by tears,
When I see the great pain that spreads over the world,
I shall still be smiling with tears in my eyes,
Smiling to life. Smiling to death.

And one day will come when it is bitterly cold,
When even my footsteps will not leave any mark,
The neverending current of life energy
Will carry me along, and I will not look back.

The fear will no longer block my way.
My heart finally opens very wide.
Then I will become the smile of the earth,
Of the flower, of the sun, of the wind and the rain.

And one day, perhaps, in a very small child,
I will open my eyes to the wonders of life.
And the little more loving, and the little more smiling
I will continue this wonderful way.