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in de traditie van Thich Nhat Hanh

Wake Up Brussels


Adres bijeenkomst

changes depending on the host, contact Luke for the address


Luke Brown
G.: +32 (0)479 845 538

About us

Wake Up Brussels is a community of young people practicing the living art of mindfulness inspired by the teachings of Zen master, author, poet and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh. We gather usually on Thursday night at about 8PM. The location of the meeting changes, depending on the host of the night.

Our activities

We start the meditation by listening to the bell. Then we do a short weather forecast of the mind. After that we choose a meditation from the Plum Village APP or depending on the people there we can also do a 20-30 minutes silent meditation. We follow the meditation by the dharma sharing after which we read out loud the 5 mindfulness trainings .
After all that we sometimes sing songs and mindfully drink some tea before ending the session.

How to join

No intro meeting, we introduce the practice and explain more at the beginning of the session each time we have new members joining. No need to sign up anywhere.

Entrance is free.