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in de traditie van Thich Nhat Hanh

08 juli 2023

When You Look in the Mirror

Een gedicht van Leni Cellini 

When You Look in the Mirror
- by Leni Cellini

When you look in the mirror
what do you see?
Can you see the stars and the planets,
the mountains and the trees?

Can you see the whales and the oceans?
The soaring eagles, the howling wolves?
Can you see butterflies and waterfalls,
the many phases of the moon?

When you look in the mirror,
tell me, what do you see?
Do you only see you,
or can you also see me?

Do you see your grandparents,
their siblings, daughters and sons?
Do you see all generations passed
and those yet to come?

When you look in the mirror
don’t tell me that all you see
is your latest haircut,
or the colour of your clothes.
The tiredness in your eyes,
or the size of your nose.

The length of your legs
or the spots on your skin.
No, my dear, there is so much more
when you truly look within.

Look again into the mirror
and maybe you will find
the whole universe staring back at you
with the most loving eyes.


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