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in de traditie van Thich Nhat Hanh

Entrusting oneself to the stream of life

Entrusting oneself to the stream of life

Entrusting oneself to the stream of life

It is challenging to walk through life stable and connected in this time of ecological, economic crisis, many places of war, militarization and polarization. The collective insecurity and fear make it easy to be carried away by hostility, black-white-thinking and also dispersion and avoidance. How can we stay open and connected, to see what is going on?

How can we stay in touch with the suffering in the world and in ourselves - and to stay in touch with the good, the true, the beautiful and meaningful in our life, to stay in touch with the basic goodness of life? 

We can learn to be rooted in the present moment and in our breathing and to choose where to direct our attention. Life is beautiful and painful at the same time.

We can learn to take good care of both sides, to take good care of the fear and insecurity as well as caring and nourishing our joy, stability, understanding and compassion.

We need trust!

This period of time reveals directly that we cannot control life - and there’s also a chance in this: to touch live more deeply, to understand life more deeply and  to widen the perspective. When we make friends with the flowing, always changing nature of reality, it is more easy to trust this ever changing life, knowing we can not control.

In this retreat we will explore what needs to be strengthened in ourselves to be able to confront all the challenges - and trust in life -  in ourselves and in the stream of life around us. 
We will look together deeply into the nature of life, the impermanent, non-self, interbeing-nature. Looking deeply into my life, I can touch my ancestors, humans, animals, plants, minerals, the story of the planet earth. The stream of life is flowing in me, I am flowing in the stream of life. I can not fall out of this web. Touching this interbeing-nature, the deep connectedness can help to trust and find our home in the everchanging stream of life - moment by moment.

Teacher: This weekend will be guided by Bettina Romhardt, dharma teacher from Berlin. Language: English.

Bettina RBettina became a disciple of Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh in 1993 and lived in his monastic community Plum Village in France for 5 years. Bettina is a member of the Order of Interbeing and was appointed as a Dharma teacher by Thich Nhat Hanh in 2004. She lives with her son in Berlin.

For whom: everyone is welcome, but experience with the tradition e.g. retreats in Plum Village or the EIAB is desirable

Date/Time: The weekend starts Friday, September 13, at 6 p.m. with a light meal. The program ends Sunday, September 15, at 4 pm. After joint clean-up and clean-up, we will be finished no later than 5 p.m.

Location: The weekend will take place at Bosoord Conference Center in Loenen (near Apeldoorn). Read more about the facilities at Bosoord. 

Carpool: Through the registration form you can indicate if you can take someone with you. One week before the meeting we will send a carpool list of ride providers to all participants.

Cost: Prices are composed on the basis of room size and financial possibilities of participants. The teacher's fee is largely included in the price. The prices will soon be published

Sign up: Registration will start 17 June and will be online via this website. See the button 'Inschrijven' at the bottom of this announcement. 
Cancellation: The following cancellation policy applies: up to 4 weeks before the start 90% refund of the registration fee; up to 2 weeks 75%; after that no refund.




“Love is the source of the cosmos. 
My life is all about amazement.”

Hans-Peter Dürr, Quantum physicist
Winner of the Alternative Nobel Price with the group Pugwash
Winner of the Nobel Peace Price

Evenement Eigenschappen

Startdatum 13-09-2024 18:00
Einddatum 15-09-2024 17:00
Registratie Startdatum 17-06-2024
Max. deelnemers 20
Nog beschikbare plaatsen 19
Prijs per persoon nog niet vastgesteld
Locatie Bosoord, Loenen
Categorieën Verdiepingsprogramma , Meerdaagse retraite

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